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US Greenhouse Gas Emissions (1990 - 2004)

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US ready for 'binding' reductions of greenhouse gases: official
The United States is ready to accept "binding international obligations" to reduce greenhouse gases, which could be announced as soon as July, a senior White House official said here Monday.
25.02.08, © AFP

Schwarzenegger Sues Bush Admistration Over Tightening Emissions
The rejection of states’ efforts to tighten rules on greenhouse gas emissions by the Bush administration caused an angry reaction from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he vowed on Thursday to sue the administration.
21.12.07, © eNews 2.0

US edges towards cap on greenhouse gases
The US yesterday took a first step towards mandatory controls on greenhouse gas emissions, in direct defiance of the Bush administration's policy on climate change.
Yesterday's vote in a Senate subcommittee marks the first US move towards European-style policies. Although the caps on emissions approved do not go as far as those in Europe, environmental campaigners said they marked a decisive break with the administration's policies.
02.11.07, © Guardian Unlimited

Democrats eye key climate summit
A team of leading US Democrats is planning to send a delegation to a key UN climate conference to rival President Bush's official team.
04.10.07, © BBC

US states win right to set carbon target
The US state of Vermont has won a landmark victory in the battle against global warming being waged at local level across America in defiance of the Bush Administration.
14.09.07, © The Independent

Amerikas Westen packt CO2-Abbau an
Die Staaten im Westen Kanadas und der USA preschen beim Klimaschutz vor. Die Mitglieder der Western Climate Initiative (WCI) einigten sich darauf, ihren Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen bis 2020 um 15 Prozent gegenüber dem Vergleichsjahr 2005 zu senken.
25.08.07, © Financial Times.de

Schwarzenegger urges U.S. states to push Washington on climate change
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger urged U.S. states Friday to pressure Washington to do more to prevent climate change, discounting the argument that protecting the environment hurts the economy.
13.07.07, © Herald Tribune

Options for Federal Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Weathervane Backgrounders
This is a crucial time in the development of U.S. climate policy, a period when state and federal legislators are crafting regulatory policies and proposals that have the potential to affect all aspects of the U.S. economy. Policymakers, companies, industries, and the public need a full understanding of the merits and impact on sectors and companies of mandatory federal policy options for greenhouse gas emissions controls.
One of the goals of RFF's Climate and Technology Policy Program is to provide stakeholders and policymakers with such an understanding of policy options, from which effective mandatory federal policy might be crafted. In pursuit of this goal, RFF scholars have authored a series of backgrounders related to the design of federal climate policy
29.06.07, © Weathervane

U.S. cities take lead in climate change
U.S. cities are leaping ahead of the federal government in developing strategies for climate change
09.06.07, © United Press International

Is U.S. near a tipping point on global warming?
U.S. policy on global warming seems headed for a tipping point, with politicians, business leaders and economists joining environmentalists to call for new laws to limit greenhouse gases that spur climate change.
19.02.07, © Reuters

US Democrats mull climate change
The issue of climate change and global warming hardly registered on the political radar in the United States during the recent Congressional elections.
02.12.06, © BBC

Schwarzenegger Signs Global Warming Bill
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday signed into law a sweeping global warming initiative that imposes the nation's first cap on greenhouse gas emissions, saying the effort kicks off "a bold new era of environmental protection."
27.09.06, © ABC New

Seven Northeastern States Set Greenhouse Gas Limits
The seven states agreed in December to create a mandatory program to curb emissions, and they set the reduction targets in draft regulations released today. Owners of power plants fueled by coal, oil and natural gas would begin to cut their carbon dioxide output in 2009.
15.08.06, © Blomberg.com

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990 - 2004
The most recent GHG Emissions Inventory published by the EPA details the emissions from 1990 through 2004. Any comparison of these numbers between a select few years should be viewed in the context of the overall trend. Overall, between 1990 and 2004, GHG emissions increased by 16%.
07.04.06, © Pew Center

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI, is a cooperative effort by Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions ? a greenhouse gas that causes global warming.

What's Being Done in the States
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